Elko x The James Brand

The James Brand is very sneaky. Last year, we thought we had our holiday wishlist all finalized and BAM they hit us with The Folsom. We ordered it, fell head over heals in love, and it hasn't left our pockets since. Now a year later, they did it again...we finally have everything all planned, stuff we want, stuff we need and then, this little guy comes along and knocks everything else out of the running. 

- Anodized aluminum handle
- Carpenter CTS-BD1 stainless drop point blade
- Small combo pry bar/driver/bottle opener
- Brilliant design available in three colors

Check it out at Huckberry for $60. Use promo code "OAK10" on your first order and you'll get 10% off. (Promo code expires November 30th, so act fast!)