World's Greatest (new) Dad Checklist

So you're a new Dad, or on your way to becoming a new Dad. Congrats, same here! It's an exciting time and like us, you're mind is probably full of a billion thoughts from "what the hell am I gonna do?!?" to "where's my OG nintendo?!?" to "this is getting expensive..." But through all of it, you have to remember that this is what life is all about. And generations of fathers before us have all said that "being a Dad was one of the most rewarding roles" they've ever had. Now, we've compiled a list of stuff that we've been tasked by our baby mama's with researching and a bunch of other things we found along the way that we know we'll need.

The Stroller:
We selected the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Travel System for a number of reasons. For starters, it comes with a highly rated stroller and carseat that work seamlessly together and are quick to setup and take down with one hand. This is incredibly important, because now you only have one hand. One will always be carrying or holding onto a child, so one-handed execution is now a top-priority with everything, along with safety of course. Other specs include; Rugged all-terrain wheels and front suspension for a smooth ride, parking brake, adjustable handlebar, and a carseat, base and mounting adapters.

Available on Amazon for around $495

Baby Carrier:
Mission Critical makes one of the most bad ass baby carriers on the market. 1000D nylon outer construction, full MOLLE webbing on the front and back, hidden and quickly deployable sun shield, removable/washable liner for those inevitable "accidents" and it exceeds all ASTM safety regulations for infant/toddler carriers. Raising kids can be a constant battle at times, so knowing you're outfitted with gear developed with military specs and design in mind, will surely keep your mind at ease.

Learn more and pick one up for around $180 on their site

Baby GoBag:
A GoBag or B.O.B. (bug out bag) is one of a Doomsday Prepper's most discussed topics. It's the emergency and survival gear you'll need when you have to grab and go. Same situation applies when you have kids. It's the gear you'll need to tackle any obstacle thrown your way at a moments notice. Everyone's a little different depending on their needs, but you have to have one. That's where our favorite pack comes in; the GORUCK GR1 (21L). It's our everyday carry pack, with all of our necessities.

Available at Huckberry for around $295

The Diaper Bag:
You can put diapers, bottles and other baby stuff in your Baby GoBag, but you wouldn't be able to organize it all as awesomely as you would in Tactical Baby Gear's "The Deuce" Diaper Bag. You also wouldn't have the included "Drop Zone" target changing mat.

Available on Amazon for around $100

Baby Cam:
The Nest Cam IQ is a best-in-class security camera with full HD zoom and two-way communication. It also works very well as a baby monitor to keep an eye on your precious bundle of joy. Its ability to plug in anywhere in the house, makes it a convenient option for a host of other reasons.

Available at Nest for $299

Baby Monitor:
The Owlet Smart Sock baby monitor is a little different from what you'd expect. It doesn't have a camera, but it does have a sock... The baby wears the sock and it syncs to your phone to give you heart rate and oxygen levels, and alerts you if there's an issue. You can learn more on Owlet's website and pick one up at the link below.

Available on Amazon for around $299

Mom Com:
This seems old school, but walkie talkies are still awesome, and communicating with Mom with one button is easier than texting on some of these enormous smartphones these days. The Midline GXT1000 two-way radios have a 36-mile range and over 50-channels to choose from. That way, you aren't stuck on channel six with everyone else in the neighborhood...ok, no one else probably still uses these, so all 50 are open for ya. You can hit us up on channel 29 if you're within range.

Available on Amazon for around $65


Dad Tools:
The way they package their stuff, it's like toy companies want you to buy, but never use them... Recently, Gerber introduced one of the most brilliantly designed multi-tools we've seen in a long time, The Center-Drive. It takes all of the most widely used tools (most of which you'll find yourself digging for around the house/workshop), sheds the BS and makes them all easily deployable. It's that vital that it really should be at the top of this list.

Available on Amazon for around $60 (and worth every penny).


Remember when we discussed one-handed accessibility? Well, fumbling for our keys with a kid in hand is something we'll find ourselves doing often, so The James Brand Hook helps solve that problem easily and beautifully.

Available on Huckberry for around $28

Dad Fuel:
Soylent is complete ready-to-drink meal replacement. It provides 20% of your daily nutrition in each bottle and tastes amazing compared to some of the competition out there. Available in three breakfast varieties (containing caffeine) and three regular, its got you totally covered no matter which meal you have to skip. Why should your kid have to drink their meals alone?

Cases of 12 are available at starting around $33.

Dad Nutes:
Dad life is gonna be tough, we'll be running around like crazy people and probably won't have the best diets (Dad bod is a thing) so to insure that you're at least getting the vitamins you need, look into a good quality daily multi-vitamin and TAKE IT. We've always found that adding another task to our routine is tough, and taking a vitamin each day isn't really that daunting, it's really just remembering to take it. Set an alarm, put the bottle next to your coffee mug, do whatever you think will help. 

Check out OPTI-MEN by Optimum Nutrition on Amazon for around $16

Dad Snacks:
Chef's Cut Real Jerky is some of the best jerky we've ever had. Our favorite is the Chipotle Cracked Pepper, but it's always tough to choose cause the Turkey jerky is a very close second. To be honest, maybe just go nuts the first time and grab the sampler, cause we promise, you won't be disappointed. 

Four packs start around $26 and the sampler pack is around $56 for an 8-pack.