Roarockit Skate Deck Kits

If you're looking for a cool introduction to woodworking, or an inexpensive form of transportation, then you need to check out Roarockit. They're a company from Toronto, ON that sells a variety of pre-formed DIY kits in different, shapes and sizes for you to build your own skate deck. You have the option to choose from different deck styles, then customize your kit with some upgrades. You can also get creative with some colored veneers, or grab a pro-builder kit to start forming and cutting your own shape.

Most won't find it quite as easy as 1-2-3, but they have an incredible library of resources available for you to learn and understand the process. Soon, you'll be pushing around on a homebrew deck that you proudly made with your own two hands. Yes, it is more expensive than going to a skate shop and grabbing a deck off the wall, but you won't have anywhere near the same appreciation for the wood beneath you going that route. 

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