GORUCK GR1 (Revisited)

Sign / cover image by  nitswell .

Sign / cover image by nitswell.

The time I had spent with the GR1 was short, only a few weeks. During that time, it proved capable of handling anything I had thrown in it and at it. I had passed it off to my (soon to be) brother-in-law for what was supposed to be a short-term deployment to Naples, Italy and that quickly turned into a romantic love affair between him and the pack. A bond between them developed, one that I just don't have the heart to break. I occasionally ask him how it's holding up and he gives me pretty regular feedback, doesn't rub it in, but also shows no remorse for his thievery. My experience has become the plot of a made for TV movie for the Lifetime network.

Anyway, four months of steady use and abuse, and not a single stitch out of place. The novelty of "new toy syndrome" has worn off, but every word of our initial review remains true, and it's absolutely a product that we'll continue to recommend. 

Some features he loves:
- Longer than other packs; sits "high & tight" to your back, improving your form and posture.
- Slim profile, but massive storage capability.
- Opens flat and wide for improved organization.
- Waterproof, bombproof, high quality materials, made in the USA.

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