Sick Day

It happens every year and you're never prepared for it. This year get a head of the cold / flu and stock up on the following items. Of course, you could wash your hands, drink plenty of fluids, get some extra vitamin c and take care of yourself to PREVENT it, but then you wouldn't have a reason to call out, get cozy and catch up on all your favorite shows. 

- The Beaten Path Bull Dog Triblend Tee: $14
- The North Face Surgent Pants: $50
- Wigwam Snow Fort Socks: $13
- Poler Napsack: $136
- iPad w/ Netflix: $8/mo.
- Mizu V8 Insulated Water Bottle: $34
- Listerine Pocket Packs: $6
- Bolse Cloth Lightning Cable: $14
- Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong Tissues: $6
- Ocean Spray 100% Juice: $3
- Pedialyte: $5
- Bonavite Gooseneck Kettle: $33

You won't have the strength to prepare yourself a well-balanced meal when you're doped up on meds, sobbing and wishing you practiced better hygiene, so you'll need to be proactive and make it BEFORE you're sick. Here's a recipe for what is regarded as THE ONLY CHICKEN SOUP RECIPE YOU'LL EVER NEED. Cook it up, pour some into the Pyrex and freeze it for later, when you'll be saying "Holy sh*t the brilliant minds over at Oak-n-Iron were right...about everything...always..."