Holiday Gift Guide: Stash Kit

It's natural, effective, entertaining, some use it in excess, some have "never touched the stuff" but it's becoming a bigger part of our society faster than any of us realize. Just in the last few years, the discussion has gotten louder, more people are contributing and experimenting and the powers that be are starting to pull back. It feels like every week we're reading another article about it's medicinal properties, amazing therapeutic benefits and the products that can be made from the plants waste (not news to some people, but now at least it's gaining more attention). This one plant has the potential to dramatically alter a wide scope of industry and everyday life, not just here in the US, but globally.

Below we've listed a few products that we consider to be the absolute best for therapeutic cannabis consumption. Pack everything up into a nice little kit and please remember to keep it out of the reach of children - especially those glorious edibles.