Holiday Gift Guide: Coffee Junkie

Like us, you may have a few friends or family members who are total coffee junkies. The types of people whose kitchens closely resemble chemistry labs and who have more knowledge of the climates of growing regions than every geography teacher in the world, combined. I love a good cup of coffee, I enjoy the novelty of turning a manual grinder to get the best particle size, slowly pouring water heated to the optimal temperature over a v60 to yield an expertly extracted cup. I do enjoy it once in awhile, but when I wake up in the morning, it's a mad dash to ingest the drug of the gods before I interact with anyone from my species. I'll stop and have a nice polite conversation with one of my kitties en route to the drugs, but not many others will experience this calm of an interaction.

Listed below are some gift ideas for the coffee junkie in your life. However, if you know someone that's anything like our friends, just get them a tie...or a muzzle, cause they probably already have these and a thousand other gadgets we've never even heard of.