Voke Tabs


I’d be lying if I told you these taste amazing, but the jolt of energy without the crash is reason enough for us to keep some stocked in our desk drawer. For a few days, we supplemented our 3pm round of Red Bulls for a tab and noticed that they were just as effective. Initially, they smell and taste like Pez and then you bite down. The first bite is a serious wake up all by itself, but after a few seconds of chewing, you begin to notice all three of the tab's main ingredients; acerola cherries, guarana berries and a slight taste of green tea.

- 77mg of caffeine per tab (equivalent to a strong cup of tea)

- 100% of your daily value of vitamin c

- No artificial colors or sweeteners (colored with beets, sweetened with monk fruit and rebiana)

Pick up a tin and try them out for yourself. They aren’t for everyone...only the ones that need to get sh*t done.