A stunning addition to the world of electronic cigarettes comes straight to you from PAX, most well known for their incredibly designed PAX and PAX 2 herbal vaporizers. JUUL is their introduction to the ecig market, and where others miss the mark, they hit it dead on. Incredible design and packaging, ease of use and quality materials makes JUUL every bit PAX, but it’s what goes inside that differentiates it from it’s older siblings.

Presented brilliantly with your JUUL is a multi pack of four JUULpods in various flavors; tabaac, miint, fruut, bruule. Each containing the nicotine equivalent of one pack of cigarettes and lasting upwards of 200 puffs each. It’s an amazing discreet alternative to traditional cigarettes and worth checking out. Priced right at $50 and $16 for a four pack of pods, you’ll find yourself saving money in no time and enjoying it a whole lot more. (Especially in NYC where $15 for a pack of cigarettes, a trip in an elevator or a several story walk-up
is common.)