Poler Stuff: The Napsack

The Napsack by Poler is a wearable sleeping bag/hoodie hybrid that's just about the most practical thing anyone can wear, anywhere. Lounging at home, lounging by a campfire, lounging at the gym, lounging at work, lounging at a funeral, it'll replace damn near your entire wardrobe, the potential is astounding. The drawstring at the bottom allows you to tighten around your waist to allow total control of your legs or let it hang all the way and tighten around your tootsies to keep them toasty warm. Two zippers on either side will allow complete use of your arms, pockets to stash extra s'mores for later and the best part? THE HOODIE PART. It's a skirt, dress, sleeping bag, hoodie, mummy bag and robe all in one. The other best part? It's only $130 and available in a RAINBRO of colors.

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