Hydro Flask

Everywhere I go, I carry my Nalgene. I've been a fan of the brand for years and when my buddy told me I needed to switch, I kinda looked at him sideways. He told me to try a HydroFlask, if I didn't like it, he'd pay me back. After about of week of drinking COLD water for a change, I was hooked. He checked in and asked me how it was going and I told him I officially made the switch. Then the unthinkable happened...I was getting out of my car, the bottle slipped and fell to the ground. Now, this has happened to me a hundred times with my Nalgene, and it was never a problem - until now. I picked the bottle up to inspect and the cap was cracked. There was barely anything in it, so I was really shocked that the cap couldn't take a two foot fall, and cracked under it's own weight. I reached out to their customer service (great people) and two weeks later, I received my replacement cap. Two weeks of waiting and becoming re-acquainted with my Nalgene and now the HydroFlask has found a nice safe place to live in my kitchen cabinet. 

HydroFlask's ethos is amazing. The story of the bottles development, the companies contribution to charities, the ability to manage temperature, but it's just not for me. I'm accident prone and I'm liable to cause them to go bankrupt by holding them to their guarantee. I'll stay with Nalgene. But you chose. Head to your local REI and hold one in each hand...just don't start testing them before you buy them. Weigh your options, for some there's just no question, HydroFlask is everything, for others (like me) we need total durability.