With therapeutic marijuana being considered for legalization across the country and in some cases recreational use, there will come a time when "paraphernalia" will be as common in the household as a corkscrew or bottle opener.

For a while now, vaporizers have been gaining immense popularity. I remember one of the most popular at the time requiring a balloon, about 20-45 minutes of prep time and you had to order them online with "discreet" shipping options. Only a few years later, they're pocket sized, packed with so many incredible features, available at most smoke shops and lifestyle stores/sites, and shipped anywhere in North America without a problem.

You'll find vaporizers in all shapes and sizes, available for therapeutic dry herbs or oil based, but the brands, styles and features are what sets them apart. One of the most brilliantly designed, built and extremely popular is the PAX 2. As soon as I opened the packaging, which reminded me of opening an Apple product, I dropped it. My jaw hit the ground just as fast as the PAX 2. After I calmed down and sat reading over the packaging and looking at the included accessories, I found that an instructional booklet was absent. This wasn't a problem because their website has a video to walk you through the features, use and cleaning, everything you need to know within just a few minutes.

The PAX 2 feels and looks great. It's easy to use, easy to clean, holds a charge for a number of uses and is (LUCKY FOR ME) very durable...SMH. I've had a few friends try it out, some who are familiar with the original PAX and some who are new, as I am, and all agree that it's looks, simplicity and features are worth every penny. Listed below are a few additional features and the how-to video on getting started with your PAX 2.

  • Hassle-free cleaning and fewer maintenance requirements mean more time enjoying and less time with upkeep.

  • Narrower and deeper oven maximizes surface area, providing more draws per session and efficient use of oven contents.

  • Simple. No moving parts - and device includes two interchangeable, silicone mouthpieces for easy cleaning. No lubricant needed!

  • Lip Sensing technology that improves vapor production and ensures consistent plant matter temperatures.

  • Improved ease of charging through magnetic USB cradle; charge your PAX on the go

Pick one up at ASAP!