Eagle's Nest Outfitters: OneLink Sleep System

There are several reasons why you need to invest in a hammock, for me, chronic back pain was enough. When I'm hanging, I immediately notice the relief. There's no pressure points being triggered, no nerves being compressed, it's great. I get to look up into the trees, listen to the sounds of nature around me, it's a really relaxing and pretty meditative experience.

There are a bunch of brands on the market that sell their versions, in their colors, all packable and with tons of accessories. The one I went with was from Eagles Nest Outfitters. What an amazing name, great product, amazing customer service and their OneLink Sleep System includes everything you'd need to start hammocking anywhere. Depending on the package you select, some of the content will vary, but for the most part you'll get...

  • Your color choice of Hammock
  • Your style choice of straps
  • Your style and color choice of rain tarp
  • Your color choice bug net
  • Easton stakes

From there, you have even more accessories to choose; pillows, accessory bags, insulation options, etc. all available outside of the standard package.

Starting around $199