OtterBox Resurgence Case

Since the days using my Blackberry Curve, I’ve relied on an OtterBox as my go-to smartphone case. *Knocking wood* I’ve been lucky enough to never destroy a phone, or break a screen. I have dropped, tossed, dinged, scratched, etc, but never broke and I hold OtterBox responsible for my success…*still knocking*.

I’ll admit, so far, my iPhone 6 battery is holding up well when compared to my old iPhone 5. But, like my iPhone 5, it started out great and over time will begin to lose it’s full potential. I remember one instance where my fiancee and I were about to get on a plane, both of our phones were dying and it wasn’t likely that we’d land with any power left, so I went over to the BestBuy vending machine and picked up a Mophie case. Until the very end, when I upgraded to the iPhone 6, I found myself constantly switching between the Mophie and Otterbox, one I relied on for power but didn’t trust for protection and one provided the protection but not the power.

In my opinion, with their introduction of the Resurgence series, OtterBox has produced one of the best and most reliable cases on the market, providing their signature protection and up to 2x more power. Some people look for sparkles and glitter, some look for name brand and fancy materials, I look for power and protection. It’s been about three days of moderate usage since I’ve charged the phone or case from a cable and I have around 37% battery left. The only issues I can see is the relocation of the charging port, now on the side instead of the bottom and like the Mophie case, you’ll need the aux cable adapter (provided) to plug in. Both of these are personal complaints that have no effect on the overall performance of the phone or case...petty, but worth noting.

Key features:

  • Trusted military-rated protection: delivers drop protection with a purpose.

  • Auto-stop charging: stops charging when phone is full, saving power for later.

  • Charge status LED: displays case power in 25% increments.

  • High speed charging.

*Note that the amount of power and length of time it provides will vary depending on usage.

Pick one up today for your iPhone 5 starting at $50 or iPhone 6 starting at $80.