Nitecore MT06 Flashlight

The MT06’s design was intended for use in the medical field, but with it’s small size, lightweight and incredible output, it’s proven itself as a top contender on our list for any application. Two settings from 165 lumens on high and 32 lumens on low, lasting in upwards of 5 hours and powered by just two little “AAA” batteries. Composed of aerospace grade aluminum, submersible up to 2 meters, survives a standard 1.5 meter drop test, and protected by a 5yr warranty...we haven’t even reached our favorite feature. This flashlight is so advanced, that it automagically adjusts its lumen output after 5 minutes, to prevent damage by overheating. Now, I know what you’re thinking...all those features, intended for medical professionals, you’d need a doctor’s salary to afford it… Nope! We’re seeing them selling at around $25 (with batteries). So go grab one today and try it out for yourself!