Glif Smartphone Tripod Mount by Studio Neat

Studio Neat is one of those brands that focuses on fixing problems. Not really the kind that you've developed from a weird upbringing or awkward social experiences, but the one's that strike you while you're making a sandwich and say "holy s#!t! it would be awesome if..." and then you lay on the couch and watch cartoons cause you're lazy. Studio Neat takes their sandwich over a drafting table and gets to work designing the next brilliant product that you didn't know you wanted/needed.

One of their first products was through a very successful crowd-funded project on Kickstarter called the "Glif". It's what helps take your smartphonography to the next level by allowing you to attach it to a tripod.  You'll find yourself getting the perfect angels and sharper images. The Glif also doubles as a stand, and includes a keychain attachment for a perfect everyday carry storage solution. The Glif is fully adjustable and fits nearly all smartphones. I'm not sure exactly what qualifies as a phone or tablet these days...but I've tried it on my iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and a few Samsung Galaxies...(the phones, not the outer reaches of space) and all worked fine.

Check them out at Studio Neat and pick one up for $30.