Chef's Cut Turkey Jerky

Chef’s Cut Real Jerky is the best jerky I’ve ever had. I repeat, “Chef’s Cut Real Jerky is the best jerky I’ve ever had.” Seriously. I wasted major time writing this review trying to think of a clever opening sentence. Then I realized I should just stick to the facts. Chef’s Cut Real Jerky offers a product of the highest quality. I’m no jerky slouch either. My only experiences with jerky do not come from late night cravings at gas stations. My uncle is a wild man who hunts anything that moves. Up until today, his goose jerky was tops. Not any more.

I had the pleasure of enjoying the Real Turkey Jerky. Opening the “filet in a bag” I was able to smell turkey breast, horseradish, and chili pepper. When I actually saw the jerky, I was amazed. It looked like real meat… like really good meat. I know that’s strange to say, but most jerky either looks like a primordial rubber or a makeshift prison shank. Here, the turkey looked fresh and tender. I actually wrote ‘wow’ in my notes.

I sat in the dining room salivating over my first bite as my wife cooked dinner in the kitchen. I intended to try one piece in order to preserve my appetite. I ended up trying the entire bag.

First, the turkey is tender and moist. I mean really tender and moist. Another note I wrote down while tasting it: “fresh holy crap wow.” Also, this is the first commercial jerky I’ve ever had that didn’t test the strength of my jaw muscles. The turkey breast is perfectly tender with a small crunch to give you the texture you associate with jerky. It’s easy to eat and easy to eat a lot of. There’s a tiny hint of smoke and barbecue flavors that are extremely balanced and appetizing. According to the label, there’s also anchovies in this! Fantastic.

How do they do it? According to their website, “We took real cuts of meat, hand­cut, just like you’d find in the butcher shop, cured them using our own proprietary smoking process, spiced them naturally, just like you would a piece of quality meat, and put it in a bag.”

Jerky done right.

Quick Facts

● 30g of protein

● 200 calories

● 12.5 grams of sugar

● Gluten free

Chef’s Cut promises to make the best tasting and highest quality jerky out there. Man did they succeed. They haven’t just changed the perception of what jerky could be, they’ve proven what jerky should be.

(Reviewed by: Mark B. - November 2014)