Black+Decker Matrix Cordless Tools

Some people have an issue with all-in-one products - if something goes on it, it essentially renders the other components useless. With the Black+Decker Matrix series, you won’t have to worry about that. This all-in-one features individual attachments that work off the same cordless “handle”.

During our first use, we noticed that the drill is light. Not cheapy-light, but resistant-against-arm-fatigue-light. You know what happens when you hold a drill for a while, the fatigue starts in your hand, and radiates to your shoulder and everywhere in between. There’s some pretty decent power, not as much as say other well-known extended B+D family members, but enough to get some craft jobs and DIY projects done around the house. Personally, we used it to assemble a bed frame. We ended up ordering a mattress that didn’t offer a boxspring and a platform bed that didn’t offer enough slats, so in an effort to save some cash, we built our own boxspring. Turned out perfect, with a lot of help from our Matrix.

Now, picture this. You start a job and remember that you forgot the drill, you stop, go grab your drill. Half-way through, you forgot the circular saw, you grab that. Now you’re finishing up and you realize that you need to give the project a good sanding... 8,000 trips to the workbench to gather your tools and you’re gonna be 10lbs lighter or in agony tomorrow from running up and down or in and out. With the Matrix series from Black+Decker, you’ll be reminded as soon as you grab the first tool what else you’ll need.

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