Pin-up Houses

Since the dawn of time, shelter has been one of the most important keys to survival. Fast forward to modern day and it's become a place to eat, sleep, entertain, and the reason we find ourselves in enormous amounts of debt for the better part of 30+ years. If you've woken up and decided to take an alternate route, like many in the growing Tiny House Movement, then you need to check out Pin-up Houses. They design and sell inexpensive building plans for Tiny Houses, Cottages, Sheds, Cabins and Playhouses. If you're a fan of saving money, enjoying your free time, comfortable living in a "cozy" dwelling then head over and pick up some plans now. They start at $29, include material checklists and projected budgets, required tools, dimensions and difficulty level. If you know how to swing a hammer and read, you could probably build your own place. Check out other designs below and free sample plans here.