Coast PolySteel 600

This past year, Coast introduced a brand new line to add to their already impressive stock of quality flashlights - the super rugged and waterproof POLYSTEEL. This line features a durable poly case and stainless steel core. Available in three models; the 200, 400 and our favorite, the 600,  it's pretty much everything you would expect from Coast, with some important key specs...

First off, this light is bright. Three settings from 64 lumens on low to 620 on high, running from two hours at a distance of 767ft (on high) up to 34 hours at a range of 424ft (on low), all settings can be adjusted with their trademarked pure beam optic, that twists to focus from a large area flood light, to a narrow bull's-eye. The combination of POLY & STEEL is perfect for providing it's rugged durability, with a light weight, to help reduce fatigue. Consumer priced at under $40 with pro-grade reliability, you'll be happy you went with this light.

Like all Coast products, this series comes with a Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 Standards

Being huge fans of illumination, we've had the pleasure of testing A LOT of flashlights. Though this one isn't best for everyday carry, it will certainly feel at home in your toolbox, nightstand drawer, glove box or trunk, ready at a moments notice to reliably illuminate your work or search area. 

Pick one up for around $39