The County x The James Brand

If you haven't figured it out yet, we're huge fans of fusing together wood and metal, obviously we have a soft spot for Oak and Iron, but The James Brand has us drooling over Walnut and Stainless...

A few weeks back, we had the pleasure of testing out their Huckberry Chapter Knife. It gave us the opportunity to learn about their brand, use their product, and start a conversation. We learned about the materials used in production, and got a good feel of the culture surrounding their brand. Our initial thought was probably the same as most when they examine the product's packaging..."we better just put this somewhere safe and pass it down to our kids one day". But that's not what The James Brand is about. They developed their knives to be used, but treated with respect, cared for and appreciated. If you take care of your tools, you'll have them forever.

The County carries on the same tradition of quality and design that The James Brand embedded in their Chapter. You really need to hold the knife and examine it for a few minutes to realize that it's all you need in your daily carry. Lets face it - sometimes we go a little overboard with the EDC kits and pack way too much into our pockets. We really don't need a tactical knife, leatherman and full-tang fixed blade to go to the store or to work. Toss all that stuff into the trunk of your car or backpack and scale down for your pocket carry. I mean, what threats do you encounter DAILY that would justify all of that? I know, I know, have and not need than need and not have...

We were able to give The County a full test in a matter of only a few hours. Carved up a couple honey crisp apples, sliced open some packages, acted out a potential self-defense scenario in front of a mirror, whittled a toothpick from a full grown sycamore, and of course, started laying out a few potential EDC posts for later on. In every instance, the knife met and exceeded expectations. Even in our imaginary self-defense scenario, the threat was impressed.

Overall, we're very pleased, but we also understand that everyone has a different idea of perfection. Some need to chop down saplings to test a knife's performance, others need to dig the blade into a tree and step on the handle. I don't think any of us here at ONI have found ourselves in instances where either of those tests were necessary, but if you're looking for a simple and effective tool to keep on you for small tasks, definitely check out The County

"If carrying a knife on your hip is a fire-able offense, then this is the knife for you. A single straight blade gives you the cutting ability you need in a slim, modern form."  
                                                                                                                                     - The James Brand