"Bombproof" is an amazing term to throw around when you're talking about protection for your precious laptop, but that's just part of the long list of reasons why we love the GR1. Versatility is one of the most important; being able to change roles as often as we do - from the board room, to the trail, to the workshop, and hold up well as a travel companion - we needed a pack that could do it all and look great doing it.

We've been following GORUCK for a few years, but never had the opportunity to get one in hand until recently, and we regret that immensely. We over analyzed the GR1 from the moment we opened the packaging, because we knew that the team at GORUCK over engineers all of their gear and we wanted to find something even slightly out of place. We found nothing.

Our initial thoughts were that the pack is built BRILLIANTLY, in the USA,  with care and incredibly high quality materials. It's design puts pockets where they should be, so you can balance the contents appropriately, but maintains an overall minimal appearance. Available in two sizes and an assortment of bad ass colors, all carrying the weight of the SCARS Lifetime Guarantee. You can even customize your pack with a patch and molle compatible pouches and pockets, also available through GORUCK.

Price: $295
(If you can't justify spending $295 on a GR1, go out and buy a case for your laptop, a messenger bag to carry it, a carry-on bag for the plane, pack for the trail, toolbag for the shop, put them all in a pile and toss in a grenade. If you spent less than $295 and they all survived the explosion, then we tip our hats to you. If not, then go into the bathroom, look in the mirror and slap yourself, cause you're being pretty damn silly right now.)