Bexar Goods Black Friday Sale


Brands that start out the way Bexar Goods started are the ones that last forever. They make the gear that they themselves would want to carry, using the highest quality materials, and age as well as they’re built. We’ve followed them for a few years now and drool over almost all of their instagram posts. Their attention to detail is evident in everything they do. For the holidays this year, pick up something for the one you love that’ll last a lifetime and make a statement the whole way.

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Here's a quick rundown of the sales that some of our favorite brands are running this year for Black Friday. Now's your chance to pick up some awesome gear at incredible prices! (Prices listed below are pricing at the time of sale.)

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Swim With Sharks:
25% off with code “BLACKOUT”

We recommend:
Jaws 2.0 Beanie
(reg: $30 / sale: $22.50)

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Maker Knife

We have too many knives to count. Too many screwdrivers, too many bottle openers, too many...pocket multi-tools. We have our preference for daily carry, camping, hiking, etc. But the trusty utility knife tends to always be our go-to when we're in the workshop. There's not much of a problem with a lot of the utility knife holders out there, but we've had some experience with poor designs. When this beauty came across our radar, we knew we had to share. Go check out the Kickstarter campaign, watch the video, and reserve yours asap.

I wonder if it opens bottles...

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National Jerky Day (30% off at...)

Yes, it seems like there's a National Day for pretty much everything, but today is a very special holiday because it's National Beef Jerky Day and our friends at Chef's Cut Real Jerky are offering 30% off to celebrate. Head over to their site and stock up now for the summer, pick up some for Dad (since FATHER'S DAY IS THIS WEEKEND) and a few bags for yourself for some weekend road trips this summer. Use promo code "JERKYDAY30" at checkout for the discount.

Shower Beer Holder

Shower beers are great when pregaming/getting ready for a night out, or unwinding from a rough day. The problem is that there's not many areas in a shower to put down your beer for a minute, with all those empty bottles of shampoo, body wash, etc... AND GOD FORBID you accidentally knock one over, they all come crashing down. Thankfully, there's a better option.